Ex. 6A

Please pay special attention to the use of punctuation (p. 22).

In case you find some errors, please inform me immediately.


  • (zhtew) I seek
  • (threw) I keep
  • (aitew) I ask, ask for
  • (qewrew) I look at /see [theory]
  • (qerapeuw) I heal [therapy]
  • (agroV) field [agriculture]
  • (artoV) bread, loaf
  • (misew) I hate (I hate Miss)
  • (misqoV) reward, pay (Lesson 6)
  • (laoV) people [laity = people of God]
  • (naoV) temple, esp. shrine
  • (oikoV) house ; oi - Chinese love, love-house
  • (oinoV) wine;


  1. He writes the law of the Lord.
  2. The men seek the messengers.
  3. The slaves make a way for (/ to) the Lord.
  4. The brother of the slave sees the house.
  5. They keep the word of (the) God.
  6. (The) Jesus blesses the bread and the house of the enemy.
  7. The Devil hates the law of (the) God.
  8. Do you (pl.) eat the fruit?
  9. The Lord saves sinners.
  10. The Jews make a cross for (the) Jesus.
  11. Virgins know the words of the crowd.
  12. The Sun and the Wind heal.
  13. The law for the world is.
  14. Reward is the house.

Ex. 6B will be given later. (Due to the problem of Symbol font)