Exercise 9A

1. The kingdom of heaven is life and truth.

2. God hates unrighteousness and sin.

3. Does the generation of sinners repent?

4. Christ is the head of the Church.

5. Do demons have authority?

6. We are seeing the beginning of the day.

7. God sends the word of promise.

8. The Pharisees keep the commandments of (the) sacrifice.

9. The fruit of God is love, joy and peace.

10. Men see the face and God sees the heart,

11. (The) sinners have a place of repentance.

12. Have the widows bread for the children?

13. Peter blesses the Lord of the earth and sea.

14. The tongues of the apostles speak words of the wisdom of God.

15. The hour of Christ's glory is joy for the angels.

16. We are making a house of stones.

17. The witness of love is making a way for the coming of the Lord.

18. Galilee and Judaea know the needs of the widows