Course: Studies in Feminist Theology: The Feminist issues in Luke-Acts

Professor: Dr. Lehti`

Student: Mr. Philip Yim Kwok Hung

Program: M. Th. (Part-time)

Article: Evaluating the significance of Mary Magdalene in the Luke-Acts: in comparing with the other Gospels


Seim, Turid Karlsen. The Double Message: Patterns of Gender in Luke-Acts.

(Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1994).

Corley, Kathleen E. Private Women, Public Meals: Social Conflict in the Synoptic Tradition. (Peabody: Hendrickson, 1993).



A. The Background of Mary Magdalene

1. Women’s roles reflected in meals in the Gospels

2. Her town: Magdalene (ABD)

3. Her identity: Support Jesus?

B. Mary Magdalene in Luke and other Gospels

1. Occurrence in the Synoptics (Concordance)

2. The problematic texts (textual problems)

3. The special Events: the Crucifixation and the Resurrection Witness

C. The Proposition: The Power Struggle and Androcentricism