������������������������������������Aspects of Hong Kong Culture which may affect the Process of Confessing Christ in the Cultural Context.

Suggested by Philip Yim Kwok Hung, in 17 June, 1993.

Hong Kong Culture is an unique culture which mix the Chinese Culture with the Western Culture. Besides, Hong Kong's returning back to mainland China serves a new shaping force in HK Culture.

I. Western Culture: Towards Information Era

A. Characteristics:

1. Information Explosion: High Tech.

2. Automation & Control Theory

B. Consequences:

1. Rapid Changes: Effectiveness is emphasized. Alienation between men and marginalization of value are common. Workaholic type of person is highly appreciated. Many people claim that they are too busy to go to church. Even if they have time, they would rather fill it with some activities. A man who has leisure time is usually taken by others as a lazy man. As we greet others, "What are you busy at?" Besides, some Christians don't concern others like their colleague in working place. Workaholic leaders have made so many meetings that scare many Christians. Even some non-Christians are refused to become Christians, because their Christian friends or relatives are very busy at Church work. Some Christians are totally occupied by serving the Church that they ignored their parents.

2. Specialization: Society is sub-divided into districts, and the family members normally live in different district. Hence, Christians are sometimes hard to lead relatives to their own churches. Higher education is essential to promotion, hence Christians use much time in studying, rather than witnessing.

3. De-humanization: 10% of the population is elder people. They are usually ignored by the society. Individuality is neglected, and self identity is lost. In reaction to that, some people chase after individual freedom and abhor any demand on commitment! They are unlikely to commit to their faith.