Salvation :

A. All things are illusion

Anicca: impermanence

Anatta: no self.

B. 4 Noble Truths:

1. Tanha : craving of lust, destruction, and becoming

2. Dukkha: suffering in the world

3. Eight-fold path:

4. Nirvana:



C. Eight-fold path:

1. Right View: 4 noble truths; no self.

2. Right Resolve: renunciation.; acquisition of kammic merit.

3. Right Speech: no lie, gossip, idle talk, abuse.

4. Right Conduct: morally good; cease to take life.

5. Right Livelihood: persuits of a harmless bread-winning

6. Right Effort: to ward off unwholesome/unhealthy mental phenomena

7. Right noble Truths: awareness:

8. Right Meditation: mindfulness of the body, sensations, mind & mental objects. distinguish techniques & exercises of meditations. Review on world religion: --Buddhism����