A. History

B. Laws

  1. The Ten Commandments
  2. Noachian Covenant
  3. Oral Torah / Traditions
  4. Historical Development

C. Jewish Religious Practices

  1. Calendar
  2. Prayer
  3. Two Main groups of feast
  4. Other religious observances


Four different kinds of Judaism

  1. Reform Judaism (its site / site2)(The denial of the authority of the Bible and Talmud by Reform Judaism made for individualism.)
  2. Conservative Judaism (It builds on the dual assumptions that Jewish tradition must be preserved and conserved and that American Jewry must be directed to that course. )
  3. Reconstructionist Judaism (Religion is a social phenomena. Judaism as a civilization, the character & components of which are determined by the Jewish people.)
  4. Orthodox Judaism (Theoretically, the standard is Shulkan Aruch (1657) [Gr p.144] --- the traditional code of Jewish laws. The Covenant in its entirety is the product of divine revelation.)

The difference between the Jews:

Ashkenazi (Ashkenazim) <-------------> Sefardi / or Sephardi (Sefardim)

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