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Introduction to Biblical Languages ; Greek numbering

Weekly Choice: Interlinear Bible (with Greek words explanation) ;

ALL Information available on a chosen Biblical Text Very USEFUL! ; Inter-linear Bible

Ideas on Learning Greek:

  1. Bible Study (including Greek) links
  2. Learning Common Greek: some recommendations when stuyding koine Greek.
  3. NT Resources for Greek Grammar and Exegesis many articles in PDF. New
  4. Preparing to Learn Elementary Greek by Corey Keating
  5. Recommendations For Learning New Testament Greek by Corey Keating
  6. The Value of Learning New Testament Greek, by Bill Freeman
  7. Using New Testament Greek in Ministry, by Timothy B. Savage, Th.M., Ph.D., Senior Pastor of Camelback Bible Church
  8. Greek Gospel Resources

Learning Ancient Greek (Classical or earlier)

  1. The Intelligent Person's Guide to Greek (Classical Greek!): It encourages people to start with Homer.
  2. So You Want to Learn Ancient Greek on Your Own? : Recommend some books for self-study.
  3. Do you know that the earliest known Greek is Linear B (You can see the scripts in this site)? Despite such a non-descriptive name, Linear B has proved to be the oldest surviving record of the Greek dialect known as Mycenaean, named after the great site of Mycenae where the legendary Agamemnon ruled. The script's usage spanned the time period between approximately 1500 BCE and 1200 BCE , and geographically covered the island of Crete, as well as the southern part of the Greek Mainland. (Another site with a logograms - pictorial scripts) But Linear B as Greek is challenged by other scholars. If you want to use Linear B, try this font (Windows, Macintosh). Pictures showing the REAL fonts in pre-historic documents.

Linear B Tablet

Greek Grammar For Ancient Greek (Classical or earlier)

  1. Differences Between Classical and Hellenistic Greek ----- A Quick Introduction by Jay C. Treat.
  2. User's friendly guide in Ancient Greek: All the material are in picture (jpg), therefore no "fonts problem".
  3. Java and Ancient Greek --- This web page presents some preliminary efforts towards using Java to produce a learning environment for Greek students.

Greek Pronunciation:

  1. Good Greek pronunciation site: You can choose each vowel or consonant with male / female voice. (from UC Berkeley) Voc. drills are provided!
  2. Four Major Conventions of Greek Pronunciation: Can you discern which one we are using?
  3. Difference between the pronunciation schemes:
  4. Pronunication Guide (very different from other scheme) Why?
  5. Lots of links for your reference!!!! Newest : compare pronunciation : modern Vs Erasmus
  6. Lots of links for your reference 2 : pronunciation
  7. IPA phonetics with sound files
  8. Reference links
  9. Greek Accent Quiz Applet ----- Learn how to place the accents.

NT Greek Grammar:

  1. Grammar in brief (in my site): Tense New
  2. Greek Grammar in a table
  3. Greek Grammar Overview --- Very brief and short description and linked to in-depth analysis.
  4. 23 Review Sheets for Greek Grammar
  5. Introduction to our presentation of New Testament Greek: Brief grammar outline for NTGreek.org
  6. ::Textkit:: Greek Grammar and Latin Grammar Learning Tools. Free online learning greek and latin grammars, tutorials, ebooks. Grieche und lateinische Lernenwerkzeuge : Free Downloadable e-books in PDF ormat. All the books are in the public domain, so no copyright problem! (What is Public Domain?). A full list of the books on this site can be found here. New; Good Visit Textkit Home for more information!
    1. First Greek Grammar Syntax by W. Gunion Rutherford
    2. First Greek Grammar Accidence by W. Gunion Rutherford
    3. Greek Grammar : by William W. Goodwin An extensive and well respected grammar, this 487 page grammar is a great source for both beginners and more advanced learners.
    4. Plato 427-347 B.C. All his works.
    5. Links to Greek study (But it has some links same as mine.)
  7. Bible Greek Resources - A Restoration Light Page
  8. Greek Grammar ---- Many helpful information about Greek fonts, lexica, and grammar courses.
  9. Greek Grammar links and reference books
  10. Greek Grammar Books (Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Grammar books for learning Greek) by Corey Keating
  11. Greek Reference Works (Reference books that are not for 'reading through' to learn Greek, but are aids for reading Greek and act as references for various grammatical and exegetical purposes). by Corey Keating
  12. Learn Greek on the Web: links New
  13. Learning New Testament Greek (The Greek New Testament Gateway): links to info. and courses New

Greek Vocabulary:

  1. Basic Greek NT Vocabulary : By Wieland Willker: "the basic Greek NT vocabulary that you should know by heart after your first greek course (c. 1200 words)"; Greek words meaning explained in German; font "E-Greek" required, downloadable from the site.
  2. Greek NT Vocabulary: John; but Greek words meaning explained in German.
  3. Greek Word Frequency --- from the Perseus 2.0 database
  4. The New Testament Greek Lexicon
  5. Vine's Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words : You check words listed in English and corresponding Greek words will be explained. E.g. Topic: Save, Saving --> sozo, diasozo, peripoiesis. These three words are translated into English using "Save, Saving.'
  6. Check some English words in Dictionary.com, and see their Greek / Latin roots.
  7. Latin-Greek-English Cross Reference Search: You can search in either one language; but they only provide very brief information.
  8. Ancient Greek vocabulary test : It has an English vocabulary test too! It is not easy!

Greek Text (NT Bible): Downloadable

  1. Downloadable English Bibles; International Bibles (including Greek, German...) ; & Bible Freeware
  2. Download the Greek NT in SPIonic font (in one Zip File). -- Download the whole Greek New Testament in different fonts: complete electronic edition of the Original Patriarchal text of the Greek New Testament, for WINDOWS, as it is used by the Greek Orhodox Church. It is available in different forms either as a single file, or with the 27 books as individual files. The texts are with accents and breathings, in BETA CODE and UNICODE. Using the tools provided in WINDOWS it is easy to locate words or phrases and to print selected passages. This text has been read and checked many times.
  3. Download the Greek Text with Notes to analyze them. This is like a weekly exercise that you can read some passages and can download them separately. Please go to the John section and download some notes. The text are in Word format. Download John 1:1-28 Grammatical Analysis. If you want to download all the John's notes in one file (PDF).
  4. Bible Download: English, Greek, Hebrews
  5. John 1 text in Jpeg form (picture), so the font problem cannot affect it; but it loads slower.
  6. John 1:1 text (English-Greek Parallel), When you click on a word, it will show its meaning and frequency.
  7. download The Whole Gospel John: Please print in out.
  8. John 1 in Greek

Online / Parallel Greek New Testament

  1. Perseus: Greek New Testament
  2. Crosswalk: Interlinear Bible
  3. Searchgodsword: Interlinear Study Bible (SLFont; How to install)
  4. Olivetree: Six versions of Greek texts, including interlinear Greek-English Bible and Grammar tags
  5. Parallel Greek New Testament
  6. Greek bible: Free Greek font : Athena: It provides five ways to view the Bible in Greek. I love the Palatubi Linotype font :Unicode Greek font that comes with Windows 2000 (accents) ; It is 479KB.
  7. Parallel Greek New Testament (With different Greek source, Vulgate, English Translations) on John
  8. Greek text with English parallel, but is in small print. (in Jpeg)
  9. Chinese Bible: with Strong Number listed above the words, and click to dictionary .[Real Person Reading Bible in Mandarin]
  10. Home of Greek Bible (ALL content are in Greek!)

Lexicon (i.e. Dictionary) / Morphological Analysis

  1. Downloadable: Pocket Lexicon of Greek New Testament, Alexander Souter
  2. Bibles, Dictionaries, and Lexicons On-Line : Many versions of Bible, English, Greek, Latin, LXX, Hebrew; and Lexicon, devotion.
  3. Greek Old and New Testament Lexicon (It needs this font; How to install)
  4. LEXICON: Greek-English-Greek dictionary or this link GR-EN-GR Dictionary
  5. Morphological Analysis, from the Perseus database.
  6. Greek Text with Notes to analyze them.

LXX: Greek O.T. Bible

  1. Greek NT & LXX in PDF Downloadable
  2. LXX (Septuagint)
  3. The Septuagint LXX: Greek and English in SPIonic font
  4. LXX Flash introduction to its history

On-line Study Courses: (The sequence has special meaning in this category.)

  1. Elementary Greek, by By Jim West, Th.D. (31 lessons, from alphabet to infinitive; "article" is in lesson 30, strange!) Very brief information in each lesson.
  3. Learn New Testament Greek, by Corey Keating
  4. Beginning Greek Courses that you can take 'on-line' over the Internet
  5. Resources for Teaching NT Greek (and Latin) to Children
  6. NTGreek Language Studies: 6 lessons in PDF
  7. Introduction to New Testament Greek I - Pre-Work Assignment
  8. The Basics of Biblical Greek
  9. Introductory Courses and Course Materials
  10. Greek Lesson: 5 lessons
  11. GREEK ALPHABET (Modern Greek: pronunciation and related words : only three Greek lessons
  12. Filoglossia Web version - Learning Greek as a foreign language (Modern Greek)
  13. How To Self-Study Greek or Hebrew
  14. NTGreek Lanugage Course FORUM
  15. 'Little Greek' and Learning NT Greek 101, by Jonathan Robie (but very few information; only two lessons.)
  16. On-line course needed registration. (not much material accessable on-line).
  17. New Testament Greek: Two levels: Greek I (11 lessons), Greek II (9 lessons) very nice! The courses can be taken by registration (pay it) and feedback will be provided hereafter. But the font SGreek is a shareware. Registration is $20!
  18. Ancient Etymology Online: On Greek and Latin influence on English
  19. Greek I Web Course (Master's College and Seminary) outline - Very strange! It uses the same textbook as mine! So it is useful for you too! Course Content: (Strange? Now its link is missing.)
    1. What's the difference? It kills the students:
    2. "You will be working your way through Lessons 1-25 in your textbook at a rate of approximately two lessons each week. At the same time you will be using Greek Tutor to reinforce and clarify the things being taught in your textbook. Before the course starts, be sure to familiarize yourself with how the Greek Tutor CD-ROM works."
    3. Our speed: one lesson per week or two lessons per week! This is this course is FOUR times faster! Ours is designed to fit our students.

Greek Fonts:

  1. Greek fonts are in Symbols font (found in Windows System) or SPIonic font or BSTGreek font. SPIonic Keyboard map
  2. Dr. Berlin's Foreign Font Archive : Greek Typefaces
  3. Galilee Unicode Greek Font
  4. Athena: from Greek Bible
  5. Greek Fonts (Win98): Win95
  6. Computing in Greek on Microsoft Windows '95/98 Systems
  7. Microsoft in Greek (Modern Greek)
  8. Mounce Greek Font Freeware. Now changed to Teknia Greek(download TekniaGreek) : (Click here to see a list of the differences between Mounce and TekniaGreek.)
  9. Palatino Linotype: Unicode Greek font that comes with Windows 2000 (accents)
  10. Symbol: All lower case, comes with most Operating Systems (no accents)

Related Software:

  1. Download E-Sword Bible program - Download 17MB main module (e-Sword v7.0.5 application installation 17,081kb Updated 05-06-03
    ) plus many add-ons - International Bibles (Greek, Hebrew, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Latin, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian) Dictionaries and other Recent Additions and Updates. You can search in parallel Bibles different versions and/or languages, Strong's definitions are displayed as Tool Tips and many other amazing features. [All files are totalling to 500 MB.]
  2. THE BIBLE STUDENTS' LIBRARY 2: THE ONLINE BIBLE VERSION -- The Online Bible is a free computer Bible software program which has been created by a Christian named Larry Pierce from Ontario, Canada. It is the product of countless volunteers who have scanned, edited and proofread materials. The intention of The Online Bible is to provide a good computer bible, with as many commentaries, translations, and information as possible for as cheap a price as possible.
    Although it is possible to order The Online Bible on CD-ROM, this is not necessary. Many of the translations, commentaries, Bible Dictionaries, Maps, etc... are freely distributable and downloadable from the internet.
  3. Study Tools:
  4. QuickMem Greek (a Greek flash card program, free for download)
  5. Hebrew Flash Card Program (a Hebrew flash card program, free for download)
  6. Greek & Hebrew Flash Cards (free and printable right from the web)
  7. Free Program to help learn Greek Vocabulary
  8. Free Program (software) helps you to study Greek (memmorization of the words).
  9. Online-Bible.com (an excellent Bible program, free for download)
  10. Roots of English: Download the software to your desktop


  1. ALL Information available on a chosen Biblical Text Very USEFUL!
  2. Hellenistic Greek Pages
  3. Gramcord Institute: Biblical Greek Resources
  4. Discussion Lists for Ancient Greek and the Greek Bible
  5. Biblical Greek Mailing List Archives
  6. Literary Resources -- Classical and Biblical
  7. Bible/NT/Early Christianity
  8. Reference books: Bibliography
  9. NTResources.com : Resources for New Testament Studies
  10. Bible Greek Resource Page
  11. Biblical Greek Resource Page (2): Lots of links including translation
    ( yhfiakh biblioqhkh thj ekklhsiaj thj elladoj ) It contains Greek and English description, but most of the articles are written in Greek.
  13. Greco Biblico: Italian with English
  14. Greek numbering

Short History:

Classical Greek --> LXX Greek (Septuagint) --> NT Greek (Koine or Hellenistic Greek, mainly under the influence of Attic Greek.) -------->Modern Greek

(The trend: simplification.)

Brief History of Greek Language¡GA Brief History of the Greek Language; History;

Introduction to Greek Language¡GEncarta: Greek;


  2. Greece on the Net
  3. Hellenistic Resources Network